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Monday, 9 June 2014

Athletic Therapist Spotlight - Chris Kucher

Throughout June we will be highlighting a local Athletic Therapist for National Athletic Therapy Month. Today we highlight Chris Kucher Certified Athletic Therapist and Owner of North Star Athletic Therapy 

 Name: Chris Kucher

Job: Athletic Therapist

Education Background: University of Alberta BPE, Mount Royal University Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy

What is a typical day for you: Depending on where I am it can be anything! Field events I am there early to ensure that all athletes are prepared as best they can be, whether it is pre-game taping, running a warm up, or a quick assessment and treatment. During performance I follow the action making sure that I can see any potential injuries, or am quick to respond to any on field emergency. Post-performance client care is the name of the game, assessments treatments and possibly referrals for all those in need. Clinical days are again all about the client without the distractions of on field care. Prior to the patient I ensure that my space is clean and tidy ready for the first patient. When he or she arrives the care starts and whether it is an assessment for a new injury, or an update to an existing treatment plan the patient is number one priority. Afterwards, a quick clean up and charting all the important information from the day's appointments.

Favourite part of job: Listening to past patients pass on the some of the information I had taught them. "Athlete 1: Wow you land really loud... Athlete 2: what do you mean? Athlete 1: I used to be like that too. You have to learn to land quieter, it shows you're in control and then you won't get hurt"

Why did you become an AT: The challenge of assessment, and the stress of emergencies. Every body is different, and while two people have the "same injury" they might need different strategies to rehabilitate back to performance levels. While on field situations stress a different aspect of the system, every time you watch an on field emergency you don't know what you'll encounter when you reach the athlete, so staying alert and current is a must!

Highlight of Career: Clinically- Opening our clinic space. Which gives me an opportunity to reach more people; and the greater the reach the greater the help! Field- On mat Athletic Therapist at the World Women's Wrestling Championships 2013.

For more information on Athletic Therapy please go to Canadian Athletic Therapist Association.

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