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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ask the Therapist

We have joined YEG Fitness for their Ask the Therapist article. Here are our two most recent questions posed by readers and our answer.  

How important is stretching before exercising?
Stretching prior to training or exercise is important. What needs to be clarified is what type of stretching. Typically we see people doing static stretching both prior to and after training. Static stretching has a role but should be used at the end of a session as part of the cool down to increase flexibility. Prior to training incorporate dynamic stretching as part of your warm up. Dynamic stretching is controlled motion through the complete range. Do movements that mimic activities in your sport or training session. For more information check out our blog post Dynamic Stretching in Warm Up

What is the general time for Hamstring strain take to heal?
The average time for a hamstring strain to heal depends upon a five factors. Firstly the grade of the injury. Muscle strains are categorized into 3 grades. A grade 1 strain where there is not disability to a grade 3 which is a complete rupture, a grade 2 falls between these. Grade 1 strains typically resolve in around 1 week, grade 2 take 2-4 weeks and grade 3 beyond that. The second factor is if there is a prior hamstring strain. There is evidence showing that hamstring strains are a recurrent injury. Thirdly, the state of the body when the injury happened, fatigue and muscle imbalance can prolong the healing process. Fourth, the sport in which you participate. Any sport that involves running especially sprinting will take longer to get back to full competition. Finally, proper injury management. During the acute stage the principles of rest and ice are very important, followed by proper rehabilitation to increase range of motion, strength and functionality.

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