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Monday, 6 January 2014

Injury Prevention - Athletic Therapist at the Ready

To continue on with our What is an Athletic Therapist series, we will be focusing on their role in injury prevention.

Injury prevention is a major role for all athletic therapists, be it for initial injury or re-injury.  There are many aspects to injury prevention.  Two of the most important are physical preparedness and education.

Physical preparedness.  Athletic Therapists play a major role in helping ensure that their athletes can withstand the physical demands of their sport, both daily and from season to season.

Proper strength and conditioning involves everything from ensuring proper muscle balance, flexibility as well as proper aerobic and anaerobic conditioning for sport and position.  Their knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology enables each Athletic Therapist to work with each athlete on an individual basis to improve their performance.

On a daily basis the preparation for practice, game or event can range from stretching or muscle work, injury rehab, or taping and strapping all help prevent injuries.

Part of physical preparedness is also ensuring that the body is being provided with the proper nutrients and energy.  Ensuring that athletes have readily available nutritious food that will supply them with the proper energy reserves for their sport as well as educating all athletes in the area of nutrition.

Each day Athletic Therapists are educating athletes, coaches, parents and administrators.  Any time that as an Athletic Therapist you get to educate someone you are working towards injury prevention.  Even during the rehabilitation stage the knowledge you are passing on can help prevent further injuries.  From nutrition, injury care, concussion recognition, injury recognition, and beyond your Athletic Therapist is there to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to stay healthy and in the game.

All Athletic Therapists are prepared to deal with any injury that may come their way, however their goal is to help you prevent those injuries from even occurring or reducing the time you are away due to injury.  Your success is always what every Athletic Therapist wants.

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