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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Safety

With Halloween coming up tomorrow, we thought it pertinent to discuss some safety issues around the holiday.

Trick or Treating Safety

  1. Make costumes out of bright visible colors or use reflective tape to help make children visible.
  2. If children are going out without you, make sure you agree upon a route and to stay in well lit areas.
  3. Have the children take a flashlight.
  4. Remind the children not to eat any candy prior to you sorting through it.  
Sport and Halloween

If your child is allowed to wear their costume to their sporting event, it is important to keep in mind if it will restrict participation.  As when planning their trick or treating costume masks can restrict vision or breathing. How tight or loose fitting the clothing is will greatly effect your young athletes ability to participate fully.  Both baggy and tight fitting costumes pose safety hazards, the may restrict movement or become a tripping hazard.  Accessories such as wings, tails and head gear can throw off balance of the athlete as well as pose a risk to the other participants.  Depending upon the costume it may be wise to have two costumes, one for school and trick or treating, the other for sport related activities.  

Keeping up with Nutrition

Prior to heading out trick tor treating or to the local Halloween party, it is important to feed your young athlete a healthy supper.  This will help fuel them for the fun and excitement that they are about to participate in as well as decrease the urge to over indulge in their loot.  By no means do we think that young athletes are immune to wanting to consume the goodies they will gain from their evening of going door to door, but if they have had a filling meal before hand they will not use the candy as their meal.  Post trick or treating, moderation is key.  Having some candy each day will benefit them in the short and long term.  In regards to sport if they only have a small amount of candy each day will keep their energy on a more even level.  Long term advantage is their candy stash will last longer.  

Have a safe Halloween both at sport, school and play.  

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